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published: April 16, 2014

Editor’s note: Sheri Castelow, a mother of two whose husband is retired from the Air Force, recently sent us this poem. It is a solemn reminder of the sacrifices made on the battlefield and at home. We salute the entire military family during this special Month of the Military Child.

While you’re resting safely in your crib,
I write home “I’m fine” to your mother I fib.
Meanwhile, the war, it rages on,
but time, it marches on,
I am a soldier
I have to be strong!
I get in the truck to head down the road,
the truck’s carrying a heavy load.
Taking supplies to those in need,
not thinking, just doing a good deed.
I think of you in your mother’s arms she’s keeping you safe from all harm.
Wishing she could keep me safe, and keep me from my pending fate.
The war rages on,
but time marches on,
I am a soldier
I have to be strong!
An IED explodes in my face, hurry, there is no time to waste!
My fellow comrade lends a hand, so I don’t die alone in the sand.
Closing my eyes for the very last time, Lord I pray my soul You’ll find.
My body, my sergeant does keep, kneeling before me, though he doesn’t weep.

The war rages on,
but time marches on,
He is a soldier
he has to be strong!
He stands over me tall and strong, sending my body home where it belongs.
Saluting as only a soldier would do, showing respect as if on cue.
Lord, please bless these men at war, keep them strong to the core.
Yes, the war rages on,
but Lord, with You time marches on.
They are soldiers
please help them be strong!
As they pack my body in ice, they believe each day is a roll of the dice.
Praying they don’t end in my boots, hoping they lay their very own roots.
As the war rages on,
and time marches on,
They are soldiers
they have to be strong.

The day comes when you bury me, I hope one day you will finally see,
I fought for freedom worth fighting for, freedoms worth fighting to the core.
So son, as you grow through life, remember to take each day with stride.
Remember the war rages on
but time, well time, it marches on.
We are soldiers
yes, we have to be strong.
So son, there may come a day when you stand up and proudly say,
The war may rage on,
time may march on.
But like my father, I am proud to say,
I am a soldier
and I will be strong!
Fight for the freedoms we believe in,
and have the faith that we will one day win.
Freedoms worth dying for,
A cost worth paying. . .
dying at war.

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