Little: Syrian Chemical Weapons Appear Secure

Pentagon Press Secretary, George Little
Pentagon Press Secretary, George Little

Little: Syrian Chemical Weapons Appear Secure

by: Claudette Roulo | .
American Forces Press Service | .
published: July 14, 2012

WASHINGTON, July 13, 2012 – There are no indications that Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles have become less secure, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little told reporters today.

“Our assessment remains what it’s been for some time. The Syrian regime has control of its chemical weapons stockpiles,” Little said at the Pentagon.

“We believe that the Syrian government has a very serious responsibility to protect its stockpiles of chemical weapons,” he added. “We would, of course, caution them strongly against any intention to use those weapons. That would cross a serious red line.”

If any Syrian officials choose to utilize chemical weapons they will be held accountable for their actions, he said.

“We have a Syrian regime that continues to perpetrate multiple attacks against the civilian population every day ... If they were to take further steps, it would be an even graver situation,” Little said.

Calling the situation in Syria “deplorable,” Little said that the United States is not alone in its close scrutiny of the actions of the Syrian government.

“We are watching very closely -- not just the United States, but the international community -- to make sure that they maintain control over those stockpiles, and of course, to ensure that they don’t use them,” Little said.

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