The Men and Women in Uniform


The Men and Women in Uniform

by: Sheri Castelow | .
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published: June 30, 2014

Editor’s note: Sheri Castelow, a mother of two whose husband is retired from the Air Force, sent this poem to us in hopes of it running on the Fourth of July. Sheri, thanks for passing this our way.

There he stands strong and tall, ready and willing when duty calls.
What makes this man who he is, dedicated to working a job like this?
Putting his life in someone else’s hands, fighting for freedom--united we stand.
Taking each day with confident strides, wearing his uniform with such pride.
Risking his life so others might live, a strong soldier ready and willing to give.
Putting himself in the middle of harm’s way, away from his family a price to pay.
Seeing things that would give him a scare, every day being a continual nightmare.
Men and women fighting for you and me. Giving of their lives unselfishly.
Though we may not understand war, it’s our freedoms soldiers are fighting for.
You have the right to that opinion of yours, that’s just one of the many freedoms they fight for!
For them to be willing to give limb or life, to fight to resolve this ongoing strife.
The soldiers, we should be thanking they serve, granting us freedoms we may not deserve.
Thank-you soldiers for all that you do, hope America will someday give back to you!
Give you the respect that you deserve, for fighting a battle and living to serve.
Thank you doesn’t seem enough to say,
for the price of freedom you’ve had to pay!

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