For a military child, it's time to move again


For a military child, it's time to move again

by: Meghan Strickler | .
Military Child | .
published: December 03, 2013

Editor’s Note: Being a military child has its ups and downs. This group of resilient children face challenges most in the civilian world don’t. We just received this poem from 9-year-old Meghan Strickler, whose family is stationed in Germany and moving to Virginia in the next couple of weeks. Her mom, Brandi, says Meghan has lived in San Diego, Guam, Rhode Island, and Germany. And in January, the 4th-grader will start her fourth elementary school. Meghan, we salute you and all the U.S. military children worldwide. And folks, in the spring we will again be saluting our military children during April’s Month of the Military Child by running their stories, poems and drawings in our community newspapers and special website we’ll set up for the occasion.

It seems like time is going faster than it needs to,
Now it almost time to move!
They take all our things away,
At the end good-bye is all I can say.
We pack up what we have left and go to board our flight,
It flies all day and flies all night.
When we are there; hugs, kisses, and cheer
Because it is time to start a new year.
We’re all happy to move except me,
I really want to stay in Germany.
Everything is new,
New dog, new house, new school too.
I don’t want to move, I really do not,
What choice do I have? Alas, I will miss my friends a lot.
I love my family, I really do,
I just wish we didn’t have to move.

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