Musical madness in Daegu


Musical madness in Daegu

by: Jacqueline Cooper and Jamie Kistler | .
Groove Korea ( | .
published: May 05, 2015

What do you get when you put a singing hypochondriac, a nymphomaniac, and Jesus into one room? Hitting the stage for the first time, and for one weekend only, Daegu Theatre Troupe and Opera Spoonful present MADHOUSE: The Musical - an original musical comedy featuring parodied versions of “songs” you know and love.

The Story

Doctor Moss has one desire; to help people to express their innermost feelings with her new wonder drug "Sopranozol" . However, before she can introduce her brainchild to the world she must confirm its safety by experimenting it on an “unlucky” few. Her patients include Johnny (who is initially afflicted by a terrible stutter, but develops new ailments every day), Carl (a man with excessive sexual proclivities), Patty (a nymphomaniac with a thing for suggestively shaped fruit), Lisa (a mute, maybe…she won’t say), Mr. Parsons (a man-child obsessed with his boots), and Jesus (he’s back, but nobody believes him). With the help of her assistant, Dr. Dreyfuss, they blast the drug directly into the patients' faces, only to observe that the supposed elixir not only makes patients more emotionally open; it makes them sing.

The Inspiration

Built with the tears, sweat, and the occasional lost finger nail, MADHOUSE: The Musical is the creative endeavor of a group of expats who were tired of being told, “No”. Producing already existing stage shows had been proving impossible for the small expat company. Facing multiple hurdles such as copyright issues and unwilling publishers, they decided to create an original “jukebox” musical in the likeness of some of their favourite stage shows.   Using primarily folding chairs and their bodies to tell the story, the performers have developed what they call “a simple and pure theatrical experience”, and guarantee a theatrical event not be missed.

*This show contains adult language and situations that may not be suitable for allaudiences.

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By: Joshua Vise & Jamie Kistler,

Directed by Jamie Kistler

Music Direction by Spencer Barriage & Rachel Mikolajczyk

Costume Design by Elaine Fenwick

Date & Time:

Saturday May 16th @7 pm

Sunday May 17th @3pm and @7pm

Location: Hanwoolim Theatre, Near Namsan station on line 3 (yellow line)

Price: 10,000 won/per person

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