One of your 500 won coins may be worth a lot of money


One of your 500 won coins may be worth a lot of money

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published: March 26, 2018

You may want to check your pockets to look for one of the most elusive Korean coins there is — the 1998 500 won coin.

Though the odds of you finding one of these coins is almost nil, you never know when you might just hit the jackpot — stranger things have happened.

According to the Bank of Korea, only 8,000 of the coins were produced that year, because of the 1997 financial crisis which hit the country hard and caused the Mint to cancel its order due to the cost of producing the coins.

While millions of the cons had been produced year prior, the bank only ordered 8,000 of the pieces for the 1998 overseas mint sets causing the coins value to rise due to its scarcity.

The coins, now valued in the hundreds of thousands of won among collectors, makes the 1998 coin and mint set to be considered one of the rarest and most expensive in the country.

If you’ve got one — congrats and good luck on your new found riches!

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