Restaurant Buzz: March 2016


Restaurant Buzz: March 2016

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published: March 19, 2016

A new pizza sheriff is in town. Notable gourmand and man-about-restaurants, James Yu, has been doing few pop-ups featuring deep-dish Chicago pizza, something he should know well considering he hails from the Windy City. Check out Windy City Pizza on Facebook for future dates and locations. But be aware: the pizza goes away faster than the Cubs’ playoff hopes.

The amount of quality pho around the city has been on the rise. Gyungridan’s Pho for You has joined the beef broth wave. This restaurant differentiates itself by being “Cali-style” pho and maybe be just the thing pho-starved Americans have been searching for. The broth is heavier and the meat is meatier. Rooster sauce is available but not necessary.

Trips to immigration just got a lot more palatable: noted expat foodman, Joe McPherson, has just opened a BBQ restaurant properly dubbed McPherson’s BBQ Pub near Omokgyo Station on Line 5. Pulled pork looks set to be the star and McPherson will draw on all of his Alabaman roots to make sure you leave fat and happy. Also, word has it that elusive pimento cheese is on offer for wistful American southerners.

Pho for You
Yongsan-gu, Noksapyeong-daero, 246-1

McPherson’s BBQ Pub
Yangcheon-gu, Mokdong-ro, 228-4

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