Safety tips for foreign women in Korea


Safety tips for foreign women in Korea

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published: September 07, 2016

As the recent Gangnam station murder shows, heinous crimes and sexual offenses against women have become a growing social issue. Under the circumstances, Yongsan Police have actively engaged in various activities for the sake of women’s safety.

To improve women’s safety, the KNP would like to share the following safety tips for foreign women in Korea with USFK warriors and their families.  

When going home at night
- Don’t put your earphone in your ears while walking (During winter months don’t wear a jacket hoodie).
- If you feel you are in danger, seek help by going to the nearest store or convenience store.
- Smart home security app (download 112 apps at ‘Google Play store’ & ‘Apple app store).
- You should understand and be able to use the region/area safety services, crime prevention CCTV, alarm bells.

- Park your car near the entrance of any building you are entering.
- Lock the door of your car when putting goods in the trunk.

Using taxis
- If possible, avoid riding in a taxi alone late at night.
- When using taxi during night time, inform your friends or family of the taxi plate numbers, current locations and estimated arrival time.
- Legitimate taxi plate numbers include ‘아’, ‘바’, ‘사’, or ‘자’ check first before use (To prevent using illegal taxi)
- Don’t eat or drink any food given by a stranger.

Using subway
- When facing a molester or a pickpocket, ask help from people around by shouting loudly.
- Report to 112 when you witness harassment or someone harming others.

Using public toilets
- Try not to use unisex public toilets. It is safer when men and women use the bathrooms separately.
- If unisex public toilets are the only option, then make sure to check first if there is a person inside the bathroom.

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