School is right around the corner


School is right around the corner

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published: August 06, 2013

Hello Military Community,

It’s hard to believe the start of school for our children is just a few short weeks away. The stores have been stocking their shelves with backpacks, binders, notebooks and the latest and greatest in electronics. As we begin to prepare for the upcoming school year, it can be difficult when we are missing our spouse and/or dad who is deployed.

As military spouses, we are creative and resilient and come up with touching ways to keep our spouses connected during their deployment. My plan of attack is to create short videos of each key moment and share it via Facebook, cellphone, email, etc. Cheyenne and I always take lots of photos and create a scrapbook of the time missed for Steve to look at when he returns home.

As I am counting down the days in preparation for school to start, I am finding the act of preparing Cheyenne for school is giving me comfort. Maybe it’s the stability of the routine, but I am finding it helps me feel “normal.”

So, as I am making Cheyenne’s appointments for healthcare exams, I am reminded of our military families that our PCSing. For the first-timers and those of you with young children or children that will be starting school for the first time, don’t forget to take your child in for their physicals, eye exams and dental appointments before school starts. If your child participates in sports, your doctor will have to sign a release form to permit your child to participate. School entry may require documentation of immunization records. Find out what your child’s school requires ahead of time and bring any school forms for your healthcare providers to fill out and sign. Be sure to keep your own copies of records.

As each state/country has different immunization requirements I have listed the websites for your review. and

While you are shopping for school supplies, remember some states offer a “sales tax holiday” for a few days each year. This means that certain products won’t be taxed during a set period of time. If your state offers a sales tax holiday, you may be able to save money on clothes, shoes and other supplies. You can see if you state participates in sales tax holidays at  Remember there are several programs and resources available to ease the financial burden of going back to school, including low cost meals and affordable health insurance. Find out if your family qualifies for the National School Lunch Program or Free or Low-cost health coverage at and/or

Stay tuned for the next two weeks as I will be listing further back-to-school resources, education, scholarships, youth programs and support for military kids. If you have a specific resource you are looking for please let me know.

Blessings from my family to yours,

Kim Suchek

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to share a story or situation, contact me at and visit my website at for updated information and other resources not listed in my book.

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