Shrimp snacks


Shrimp snacks

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published: September 11, 2015

Savory + sweet as a treat concept has yielded many strokes of brilliance: balsamic strawberries, chocolate pretzels, cheddar cheese pie crusts. Get too lazy or weird with it, and you’ll wind up with Lotte’s Frankenstein edible: the Chocolate Shrimp and Strawberry Shrimp snacks. We are still in the throes of honey butter mania; it’s hard to blame snack makers for trying to churn out the next craze. “These were 1+1 last week,” the man at the 711 counter proclaimed. “But not this week.” The puffed snacks are coated with enough super-artificial, er, coating that there’s not really much shrimp flavor detectable. If forced to choose–definitely opt for the chocolate.

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