South Korean woman arrested after newborn found dead


South Korean woman arrested after newborn found dead

by: Yoo Kyong Chang and Kim Gamel | .
Stars and Stripes | .
published: August 10, 2016

SEOUL, South Korea — A South Korean woman was arrested this weekend for allegedly leaving her dead newborn in a motel bathroom after she had sex with a U.S. servicemember, police said.

The 32-year-old woman, who was seven months pregnant, and her friend met two U.S. servicemembers at a nightclub in Seoul on Saturday, then spent the night with them at a motel, police said Tuesday.

According to the police account, the woman’s water broke while she was having sex with one of the servicemembers, but she told him it was her period and sent him to a convenience store to buy sanitary pads. She then gave birth and left the baby wrapped in a towel in the bathroom.

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