Voices keep soldiers, families ever in mind


Voices keep soldiers, families ever in mind

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published: April 10, 2014

Hello Military community,

With Month of the Military Child upon us, an organization recently came to my attention whose mission rewrites the old saying, “out of sight out of mind.”  Military Family Voices records and preserves the voices of service members and their families for their constant comfort downrange, at home and for posterity.

Military Family Voices works to record and preserve voices directly on base, and off base for family members if needed, so the participants can listen to them later for comfort, reminiscence and to strengthen and reinforce personal family bonds. This is important for all; but for small children with short memory spans – this is priceless.

According to the group’s website, “These recordings help to mitigate the extreme stresses brought on by relentless separations and the brutally constant presence of harm’s way. In that way they can importantly help to preempt the disconnections, disorientations, distractions and debilitations brought on from long exposures to these stresses – all brutal problems which can return a soldier home dysfunctional, detached, disoriented and dangerous to themselves and others.”

The recording sessions, whether for a single service member or for an extended family, is a bonding experience for all involved. They foster connections and re-connections to reinforce ties, feelings of real-time presence and the remembered importance of those in their lives.

The sessions can last up to an hour or more, and service members and their families can record as many times as they wish. Participants can call in or out to include their friends and family members anywhere in the world on their recordings. You do not have to be at the group’s location in Colorado to make or listen to these recordings.

Military Family Voices is built on decades of expert recordings, archiving voices and triggering memories. The service is unprecedented and fully operational. Voices are recorded along with other sounds important to reinforcing personal connections and bonds.

For example, the sounds of an unborn child’s heartbeat; a growing adolescent’s changing voice; the laughter of spouses, grandparents or buddies; or the sound of their car or pets. Generally, the sounds that influence their lives and keep them connected firmly to life are all preserved for their constant comfort and reinforcement.

As a child, hearing the sound of your parents’ voice is soothing; it provides comfort and will invoke memories of their importance in the household along with the structure and stability. Again, the connection is priceless. 

This project, however, is NOT a messaging or a story preservation service. There are many other great resources that provide such services. Its mission is to preserve those military family voices that can be the most formative, personal influences service members and their families have to grow and live with. “Preserving their exact voice tone and unique qualities forever is important and priceless to the mind once they are played back in all that special detail,” the group says on its website. “Therefore, exactly what they say during the recordings is of lesser importance than simply getting their voices preserved in detail.”

Nerveless, during these special recordings, personal stories, family histories and life observations do many times emerge and give the soldiers and families beautiful archives of those experiences and heritages as well. Nothing they say is shared with anyone but the participants. The recordings are personal and solely for the use of the service members and their families. They are NEVER shared publicly.

The service is given at NO CHARGE to the military, service members or their families. It is supported by caring civilians, businesses and organizations wishing to recognize and honor the freely given sacrifices military families make to protect our country.

The recordings are generally delivered at the end of a session digital formats ranging from CDs to thumb drives or in large archival files. If desired, smaller files can be e-mailed immediately to service members downrange.

“These recordings are stunningly clear and replay-able any time the Family back home or the soldier downrange needs the comfort and reassurance,” the website says.

This service is provided for ALL Branches of the United States armed forces and in ALL locations for active military and their families, Reserve, retired, discharged and veterans. For the present pilot program, however, active duty members have top priority because of the on-running deployments and the unique urgency for voice preservation that they may have.

For details, visit: www.militaryfamilyvoices.us

You can also contact William Kuenning at: 720-300-5608 or media@militaryfamilyvoices.us

Military Family Voices is dedicated to insuring, “out of sight” or “out of touch” never becomes “out of mind.”

Blessings from my family to yours,

Kim Suchek

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to share a story or situation, contact me at Kim@MilitaryResourceBooks.com and visit my website at MilitaryResourceBooks.com for updated information and other resources not listed in my book.

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