Winter destination - Macau Grand Prix

Compass Heading Photography 2015
Compass Heading Photography 2015

Winter destination - Macau Grand Prix

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published: September 30, 2015

November in Korea can get mighty cold, and without a long holiday weekend, many of us are stuck in our homes or apartments, unwilling to brave the cold even for a few hours of sunlight.  As we stare at the calendar, we realize that there are sadly many more months ahead before the dark and cold give way to springtime flowers.

What if you could extend your summer for another weekend, or week, all the way into late November?  What if it were only 2 hours away and could be done “on the cheap” to boot?

This November, the great and the good be flocking to the Macau Grand Prix, and while it’s really more like 3 hours, you’ll see Macau is a world away from the cold Korean winter.  Temperatures will hover in the low 20’s; a stark contrast from our frozen streets. With warm sun and blooming flowers, the beauty of old China mixed with Portugal, racing, and casinos are only a part of this unique and amazing location. This historical port has seen its share of boom, bust, and boom again.  Both the scars and the beauty of this storied trade center and defense fortress are a feast for the eyes while the delicious Chinese and Portuguese cuisines are a literal feast for the traveler’s appetite!

The Grand Prix will be on in full force, meaning the sound and sight of hot-rod Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, and so forth will be filling the city.  Not the (remotely) polite versions that we see in Seoul streets, but fire-breathing, super-tuned racing monsters by each of the factory teams.  Add to that Formula 3 and championship motorcycle racing, all on one of the world’s most dangerous road racing tracks, formed by Macau’s winding and hilly city streets.

Over the bridge 30-plus modern casinos await, and with a short ferry ride, a side trip to Hong Kong is just as tempting. Macau is the often forgotten sister of Hong Kong, but, closer than Bangkok or the Philippines, should be at the top of local travel lists as a quick yet amazing winter destination. With a feel all its own, Macau brings Europe to the Far East in a way no other city does.

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