Your GI Bill can help get the kids through college


Your GI Bill can help get the kids through college

by: Kim Suchek | .
published: November 23, 2012

Hello Military Community,

Another question that arises in my discussions with military families is the amazing benefit of Post 9/11 GI Bill Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB) Program.

This is a benefit my family is very appreciative about receiving as our daughter is currently in the 11th grade and plans to take college classes during her senior year before attending college full time. As I am sure everyone is saying in this economy, “Who can afford college?”

This generous program allows service members who are STILL SERVING to transfer some or all of their education benefits to their spouse or child(ren). As with anything government, the program has some inequities and there are a myriad of important details. But the most important things you must/need to know are as follows:

1. ALL transfers of benefits MUST be done BEFORE you begin your terminal leave. I recommend you do a transfer as soon as you are eligible and have no plans on using it. You can always revoke or modify the transfer later (even if out of the military), but once you miss the opportunity to initiate a transfer, the opportunity is gone forever.

2. You MUST have at least six years of eligible service, and agree to serve an additional four years, unless precluded by policy or statue.

3. Transfers of eligibility are done via the MilConnect website. You can log in using your DFAS/MyPay Login information, your DOD Self-Service login, or a CAC card. Once on the website, click on the Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB) link. A screen will generate that includes all your eligible beneficiaries.

4. Select an amount of benefits to transfer to each person, from a minimum of one month per person up to a total of 36 months of benefits. I recommend you transfer two months to each eligible beneficiary – you can always modify or revoke your transfer later. Better to err on the side of caution and maximize your flexibility.

5. You MUST and I highly suggest you return to the TEB website at a later time (within a couple weeks) to ensure that your transfer was accepted. At this point, you will need to print a copy of the accepted transfer and save it for your records. This is your permanent record that the transfer was processed.

Again, I believe The Post 9/11 GI Bill is an amazing benefit of military service and a great way for military families to succeed in their educational goals.

Best wishes from my families to yours.

Kim Suchek

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to share a story or situation, contact me at and visit my website for updated information and other resources not listed in my book.

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