Busan Bites: Four of Namcheon-dong’s Best Bakeries - Maitre Artisan

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Busan Bites: Four of Namcheon-dong’s Best Bakeries - Maitre Artisan

by: Dynamic Busan | February 12, 2018
Maitre ArtisanCuisine: International
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21, Namcheondong-ro 22 beon-gil
Suyeong-gu, 26
South Korea

If you’re walking around Namcheon-dong and the scent of hot, fresh-baked bread starts to fill your lungs, chances are you’re probably in Bbangcheon-dong.

The nickname, combining Namcheon-dong with the Korean word “bbang” for bread, was affectionately given to celebrate about 20 small and large bakeries, both well-established veterans and up-and-coming startups, clustered around Namcheon Station.

According to Dynamic Busan, they’ve introduced a self-guided tour focused on four favorites from Bbangcheon-dong.

Maitre Artisan serves French bread made by a French boulanger (baker). The bakery’s top-selling health-conscious bread is made with a natural fermentation starter and wheat flour imported from France. This bakery has attracted a loyal following, thanks to its authentic French baguettes, which are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Closed on Mondays.

How to get there: Namcheon Station (Metro line 2), exit 1. Walk straight about three minutes toward Gwangalli.