Café Quest: Coffee Libre

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Café Quest: Coffee Libre

by: Cale Noonan | Groove Korea ( | February 06, 2016
Coffee LibreCuisine: American, European
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Yeonnam Coffee Libre Yeonnam-dong 227-15,
Mapo-gu , 11
South Korea

Coffee Libre is a well-established independent coffee shop in Seoul. First opening in Yeonnam-dong in 2012, it now has other locations in Yeongdeung-po, Myeong-dong, and in Shinsegae at Goseok Bus Terminal. Seating about ten people, the hole-in-the-wall in Yeonnam-dong is a little off the beaten path, but definitely worth the visit.

Coffee Libre serves the traditional favorites: espresso, Americano, mocha, and café latte. To really experience Coffee Libre’s roasting expertise, order a coffee from the AeroPress, their preferred brewing method. The AeroPress looks more like what an astronaut might use to brew coffee in space than what is used here on Earth. Total immersion of the coffee beans and slow pressure allow the AeroPress to extract a rich cup of coffee without the bitterness resulting from other methods. Regardless of what you order, experience the roasting expertise that makes Coffee Libre’s cup stand out from the rest.

Address: Yeonnam Coffee Libre Yeonnam-dong 227-15, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Station: Hongdae Station (Line 2, Exit 3)

Directions: Turn right out and walk straight. Stay left at the Y in the road and walk approximately 300 m until Gimbap Sesang. Turn left down the alley until you see Coffee Libre.

Cost: All coffees are KRW 4,000 and from KRW 15,000–KRW 20,000 per 200 g bag (which also includes a free coffee).