Gwangju Food Alley Tour: Cheongwon Momil

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Gwangju Food Alley Tour: Cheongwon Momil

by: Korea Tourism Organization | Korea Tourism Organization | February 06, 2015
Cheongwon MomilCuisine: Korean
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South Korea

Located on Chungjang-ro Street in Gwangju, Cheongwon Momil has been a staple of Gwangju's dining scene since it opened in 1960. The two most popular styles of momil (buckwheat noodles) served at the restaurant are momil in a warm broth and dried momil, which comes with a dipping sauce for the noodles. The restaurant provides only two side dishes, kkakdugi (diced radish kimchi) and pickled radishes, but they are expertly prepared and the flavors blend well with the momil.

The momil broth, which is the most important factor influencing each dish's taste, is slow cooked with anchovies and vegetables over a long period of time. For its flavor and tradition, Cheongwon Momil comes recommended by the Michelin Guide, so make sure to stop by to sample some of the best momil in Korea.

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