A Korean Tex-Mex?

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A Korean Tex-Mex?

by: Jimmy Norris | Stars and Stripes | April 30, 2012
AmigosCuisine: American
Hours: Tuesday: 12:00-22:00
Thursday: 12:00-22:00
Saturday: 12:00-22:00
: 12:00-24:00
: 12:00-24:00
Sunday: 12:00-24:00
South Korea

The fusion of Mexican cooking styles with foods available in the U.S., known as Tex-Mex, is a favorite of mine, so I went into Amigos with high hopes for a taste of home. After eating there I was convinced that Itaewon is just a little too far northeast of the border to get the flavor right.

The menu features a variety of dishes that could be found in restaurants around the American Southwest, and the pictures on the menu look about right, but that's where the similarity stops.

The food tastes as though the flavor of Mexican food was once described to the cook, who then tried to prepare it without ever having tasted it or having seen a recipe.

It's not completely intolerable, but it's not what fans of true southwestern cuisine will be hoping for and it's definitely not worth the prices of an Itaewon tourist restaurant.

Those craving Mexican food will find a more authentic flavor at Taco Bell and will pay a lot less for it.

Much like the food, the service at Amigos is also almost right.

The wait staff is friendly and helpful, if you can find them and catch them. Even when the restaurant is not busy they seem to disappear shortly after taking your order and only reappear to bring your food and, of course, the bill. On the other hand, dieters can justify dessert because they'll burn the extra calories looking for someone to take their order.

The good news is if you come in a group, you're likely to see waiters a few times, as orders come out one at a time instead of being prepared to accommodate the entire group at once.

This is a problem when dining with children who can still be waiting for food after the adults have finished their meals.

Though its name is Spanish for "friends," Amigos is not a restaurant I would recommend to any of mine.


Location: Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea

Hours: Monday through Thursday, noon-10 p.m.; Friday through Sunday, noon-midnight

Prices: Food ranges from 6,000 won for items on the childrens menu to as much as 30,000 won for adult fare. Drinks range from 3,000 won for a childs milk to 9,000 won for imported beers and cocktails.

Specialties: Tex-Mex food, though burgers and spaghetti are also available.

English menu: Yes

Dress: Come as you are

Clientele: A mix of foreigners and locals

Location: Walking down Itaewons main street from Yongsan Garrison, take the fi rst left after passing the Hamilton Hotel. Amigos is on the right side of the street. Its easy to spot because of the large festive sign featuring a cactus wearing a sombrero.

Web site: http://amigoskorea. com/