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Rotti bun

by: Kelly Garcia | Korea Ye! ( | June 05, 2013
Roti BoyCuisine: Asian
South Korea

I’ve seen these “Rotti Bun” places before but never paid them, no nevermind.  But today, at a rest stop on our way to Busan and out of the corner of my eye I saw a lady spiraling a swirl of icing on a pan of buns.  The smell of sweet dough filled the air.  I was intrigued.

There were two bun flavors at the rest stop Rotti.  “Rotti bun” and Vanilla.  I got one of each.

I sat down with my two rottis.  They didn’t look special.  For one thing, there was no icing on them.  (What the?  Where’d it go?)  But I’m not one to waste a bread treat.  Had to try it.

I took a bite of the “Rotti” rotti bun flavor.  It was warm.  Ummm….It was sweet.  Ummm…And it was buttery.

Oh my gosh, this thing is delicious!

I took another bite.  Umm…And another.  It reminds me of something.  It takes me a while to figure out what it is but then I do.  It reminds me of my mom’s monkey bread.  The parts at the bottom that didn’t get all the gooeyness, but are big, soft and fluffy with a little sugary crunch to them.  Delightful.  Just delightful.

The vanilla one is not quite as delicious. I think because it didn’t have the crisp, melted sugar shell of the rotti flavor. (I’m guessing that’s what the lady was swirling on pre-baking.)  But, the other one….the other one.  Well, let’s just say I know what I’m getting at our next rest stop pit stop.


Since writing this I realize that it was Roti Boy, not Rotti Bun, that I was seeing everywhere.  In fact, there’s one right as you enter Itaewon coming from the gas station gate.  I don’t know if it’s quite as delicious as Rotti Bun, but I’m willing to give it a shot.  My internet research tells me rotti buns are originally Malaysian treats.  Can any Malaysians out there confirm this?  And that a few years ago they were a hot food craze here in Korea.

Thank you Korea for introducing me to some rotti goodness!

Directions:  These directions are for Roti Boy since I’m not sure where to find a Rotti Bun besides a rest stop.  From Yongsan gas station/Itaewon gate. Cross the street into Itaewon.  Roti Boy is at on the right hand side of the street before Mickey D’s.

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