Brig. Gen. Michel M. Russell

Spotlight on You: Brig. Gen. Michel M. Russell

Area IV commemorates African-American History with ceremony

by: Sgt. 1st Class Norman Llamas | .
U.S. Army | .
published: March 13, 2018

The 498th Combat Support Sustainment Battalion, Camp Carroll, Waegwan, Korea; Materiel Support Command, Korea; 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, hosted the 2018 African-American History Month Observance at the Camp Carroll Community Activities Center, February 13. The guest speaker for the event was Brig. Gen. Michel M. Russell, Sr., the commanding general of the 19th ESC. The event featured Soldier performances depicting African-American service members throughout the history of the U.S. military services.

(Photo Credit: Sgt. 1st Class Norman Llamas)

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