Cadet Michael Bertlesman

Spotlight on You: Cadet Michael Bertlesman

Cadets receive 'Second to None' leadership

by: Master Sgt. Vin Stevens and Sgt. Larry Barnhill | .
U.S. Army | .
published: August 16, 2018

DONGDUCHEON, Republic of Korea -- Cadet Michael Bertlesman, a rising senior political science major at the Rochester Institute of Technology from Plainview, New York, and Cadet Troop Leadership Training program participant assigned to the 6th Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment, accepts a candy offering from a student at an orphanage July 31st. Bertlesman accompanied his sponsor 2nd Lt. Seth Maddy, a fires platoon leader with 6-37th FAR. Soldiers attending the orphanage removed their shoes and wore sandals as is customary in the Republic of Korea.

(Photo Credit: Sgt. Larry Barnhill)

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