Capt. Amanda Napolitani

Spotlight on You: Capt. Amanda Napolitani

ROK Army Chief of Staff presents 55th MP Commander prestigious award

by: Sgt. 1st Class Clint Carroll | .
U.S. Army | .
published: October 06, 2016

DAEGU- Capt. Amanda Napolitani, 55th Military Police, Company Commander was awarded the prestigious John H. Michaelis award at the Nakdong River Battle reenactment ceremony.
Capt. Napolitani, a Tinton Falls New Jersey native, received the annual award for contributing to the enhancement of the ROK-US Alliance.

Each year the Republic of Korea selects one nominee based on exemplary performance while serving in the Republic of Korea. Her efforts include establishing a companywide cultural unity program that enabled soldiers to travel the Korean peninsula and immerse themselves into the Korean culture.

Capt. Napolitani said she "was truly humbled to receive the award".

The ROK Army Chief of Staff, General Jun Kyu Jang personally presented the award to Captain Napolitani at annual Nakdong River Battle reenactment ceremony, near Camp Carroll, in front of a crowd of thousands, which also included Korean War veterans.

Capt. Napolitani she was proud to be part of the ceremony which was "a part of history that should never go unnoticed."

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