Capt. Israel Salgado

Spotlight on You: Capt. Israel Salgado

Departing Unit Commander awarded Army Commendation Medal

by: Staff Sgt. Vincent Byrd | .
U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud | .
published: August 19, 2016
At an awards ceremony at Hanson Field House on Camp Casey in Dongducheon Aug. 18, Col. Brandon D. Newton, Commander, U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud and Area I, presents an Army Commendation Medal to Capt. Israel Salgado for “outstanding meritorious service and performance” as commanding officer of the garrison’s Headquarters and Headquarters Company, which he led since September 2015. 
Shortly thereafter, in a separate, change-of-command ceremony, Salgado relinquished command to Capt. Kristofer E. Rumfelt. According to the citation accompanying Salgado’s medal, his “professionalism and dedication to duty made him critical to mission accomplishment”

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