Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Johnson

Spotlight on You: Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Johnson

7th AF/CCC nominated for PACAF command chief position

by: Senior Airman Victor J. Caputo, 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs | .
Osan Air Base | .
published: October 18, 2016

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- Headquarters Air Force recently announced the nomination of the current 7th Air Force command chief master sergeant as the next Pacific Air Forces command chief.

Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Johnson, who has been the senior enlisted leader for 7th AF here since November 2015, was nominated to replace Chief Master Sgt. Harold “Buddy” Hutchinson, who has served in the Air Force for more than 30 years.

“To be nominated to be the PACAF command chief is an honor,” said Johnson. “I was TDY and the first person I called was my wife to give her the news. I was overwhelmed with emotion.”

Johnson’s position at PACAF will have him advise the PACAF commander on all matters relating to the 45,000 enlisted personnel throughout the command, while his duties at the 7th AF saw him provide advice about issues pertaining to almost 10,000 Air Force personnel stationed across the Republic of Korea peninsula.

“I have the opportunity to serve and work for the betterment of the Airmen of this command, and in some cases the whole Air Force, and I think that’s just outstanding,” said Johnson. “It’s a blessing to serve and I’m very thankful and blessed to be where I am today. I’m sad to leave, but I look forward to being able to continue serving with 36 different countries, not just Korea. To continue to serve in PACAF will be challenging but rewarding because we have outstanding people that will continue to meet the expectations of the commander.”

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