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Spotlight on You: Jennifer Stinnett

Pride of the Pack: Staff Sgt. Jennifer Stinnett

published: December 06, 2012

• Unit: 8th Fighter Wing command chief executive assistant
• Hometown: Mascoutah, Ill.
• Hobbies: Working out, reading, sightseeing
• Favorite music: Rhythm and blues
• Follow-on base: Travis Air Force Base, Calif.
• Last good movie you saw: Lucky One
• Best thing you’ve done here: Explore Seoul

Staff Sgt. Jennifer L. Stinnett is a highly dedicated NCO who exudes our Air Force core values every day. Over the past week, her on- and off-duty performance was second to none. Stinnett networked with 7th Air Force, 8th FW protocol and O’Malley Dining Facility management to set up an NCO breakfast with the 7th AF
commander. She worked with four groups and 13 wing staff agencies to get 20 NCOs in attendance to dialogue with and gain the commander’s perspective
on mission readiness and NCO expectations. For her efforts, she was lauded by the 7th AF commander and command chief for a job well done.
Stinnett also coordinated media day support for Max Thunder by recommending, sourcing and eliciting the help of two English/Korean translators, making the media coverage of the exercise a huge success. She also setup the 2012 8th FW Stripes for Exceptional Performers board, ensuring all candidates met Headquarters Air Force eligibility requirements, facilitating well-deserved promotions for some of the Wolf Pack’s best.
Stinnett also worked with the senior NCO “Top 3” organization, the First Sergeant Council, the 8th Force Support Squadron, Arts and Crafts, and AAFES to procure 57 promotion certificates, 10 wing 3rd quarter awards and gift certificates to highlight and recognize our most deserving Airmen. A fitness enthusiast, she scored a 97 during her annual fitness test . Aside from her busy work as the command chief ’s executive assistant, she volunteers her time as the “5/6” council’s Republic of Korea Air Force English class committee chair, where she organizes weekly classes comprised of 15 children, 12 ROKAF Airmen and five U.S. Air Force teachers. Stinnett also spends her offduty time visiting the Ilmagwon Orphanage and works as a volunteer English teacher at the Kunsan City Elementary School. Stinnett is a citizen Airman and a positive representative of the Air Force to the base and local community. She is truly the Pride of the Pack!!!
- Submitted by Chief Master Sgt. Phillip Robinson, 8th Fighter Wing command chief

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