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Spotlight on You: Katie Biggs

Seoul American Elementary School teacher named Korea’s best

published: May 29, 2014

Katie Biggs, Korea District Teacher of the Year for 2014, has taught in DODEA schools for 12 years. She began her DODEA career as a first grade teacher at Schweinfurt Elementary School in Schweinfurt, Germany. She currently teaches Kindergarten at Seoul American Elementary School, Seoul, Korea. Beyond her teaching responsibilities, she is the Seoul American Elementary School Mentorship Facilitator/Coordinator, CSI grade-level chair and the Student Support Team co-chair. Biggs also developed a school-wide team building activity (SAES Amazing Race) and coordinated two community children’s concerts.

Biggs earned a bachelor degree in Exercise Science, Health and Wellness from Abilene Christian University, but soon realized educating children was her true passion and fell in love with the art of teaching. She attended Southwestern Texas State University, earning her teaching degree and began her career in January 2002. Ms. Biggs’ passion for teaching young learners is what led her to obtain her Masters of Early Childhood Education. Welcoming a room full of children, challenging them to become critical thinkers, leading them to successes, and watching them grow as lifelong learners and valuable members of our 21st century society are what fuels her daily teachings.

She is a military spouse, married to LTC Bradley S. Biggs, and has two children Kampten and Graysen. She feels thankful to serve the children of our armed forces and strives to not only bring honor to their parent/guardians profession but create an environment where the children feel empowered and determined to always do their absolute best.

“Mrs. Katie Biggs does not just teach, she inspires students with her creativity and enthusiasm. Her love for teaching is seen in everything she does," Dr. Catherine Yurica, Principal, Seoul American Elementary School. "Biggs’ dedication to her profession extends beyond her classroom to the entire school and community."

- DODEA Pacific

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