Kisente Fung

Spotlight on You: Kisente Fung

Pride of the Pack: Staff Sgt. Kisente Fung

published: July 06, 2012

• Name: Staff Sgt. Kisente Fung
• Unit: 8th Communications Squadron
• Duties: Client system technician, base personal wireless communication systems manager, facility manager
• Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
• Hobbies: Sports, exercises, video games and movies
• Favorite music: Alternative rock
• Follow on: Incirlik Air Base, Turkey
• Last good movie you saw: John Carter
• Best thing you’ve done here: Working with well-rounded individuals on different projects as well as hanging out with them.

Staff Sgt. Kisente Fung went above and beyond by taking the lead on the setup for the LCAP/IG Inspection Team. He coordinated and installed 44 computers, 21 LMRS, 12 phones and 3 printers valued at $25,000. Fung provided “Top Notch” support and leadership to this effort; he met mission requirements three days ahead of schedule. His plan of attack on the project ensured a smooth setup with zero technical issues. In addition, to working this high visibility project, Fung also continued to meet his daily mission objectives. He rapidly responded to a high priority ticket within minutes of notification when Airfield Systems needed radio support to communicate with pilots and to ensure that there were no delays.

Sgt. Fung volunteered to work seven additional hours to ensure communication between Airfield Systems and pilots were met and operational; he troubleshot and tested six cable pairs; then used his knowledge and expertise to correct the nonfunctioning pairs within two hours. Fung is a dedicated and exceptional leader that epitomizes the highest professional standards to the organization and the Air Force, which makes him Pride of the Pack.

Tech Sgt Mason Wilson.

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