Master Sgt. Thomas Benton Hutton

Spotlight on You: Master Sgt. Thomas Benton Hutton

Trove of Korean War photos shot by 8th Army noncom being donated to Korean army

by: Franklin Fisher USAG Red Cloud and Area I Public Affairs | .
published: March 28, 2018

During the Korean War, Master Sgt. Thomas Benton Hutton, a Soldier serving with the Eighth Army in Korea, poses for a photo. Hutton himself took many photos of Korea during the war and left behind well over 200 color slides that show Korea and its people as they looked more than six decades ago. Hutton served during the war as a First Sergeant with the 91st Ordnance Medium Automotive Maintenance Company. He died in 1988. His grandson, Col. Brandon D. Newton, who serves in Korea as Commander, U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud and Area I, has donated his grandfather's Korean War slides to the South Korean Army. He hopes they'll be a help to historical researchers. The Korean army plans a ceremony later this spring at its Daejon headquarters to formally mark donation of the slides.

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Brandon D. Newton)

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