Mika Taylor

Spotlight on You: Mika Taylor

My Hispanic Roots

published: September 30, 2013

Editor's note: Here's a submission from Mika Taylor at USAG Yongsan, a devoted member of the community and a loving member of her family, telling us about her Hispanic heritage. Please share your story with us at Korea@Stripes.com. "What is your Hispanic heritage and how does it contribute to military community?"

My name is Mika Taylor and I am 12 years old.  I am the proud daughter of my Peruvian mother Katherine.  In my veins runs Inca and Basque blood. 

Basque women are strong women, who show determination and strength above all of their characteristics.  Culturally, these women are the matriarchs of their family. 

Inca women are gifted with the qualities of wisdom, pride and passion for religion and their family. 

My family and I just arrived to Korea and I cannot wait to be an active part of the community.  I started participating in the choir at the 11:30 a.m. Mass at Church to share my love of singing. 

At school, I put 100% into everything I start and finish, to be successful and to become an example to my little sister Robbie and others. 

In addition to those two things, I enjoy participating in Girl Scouts to learn about the Korean culture and improve myself as well as help the post through my share of community service.  I am devoted to my lovely family, and am proud of my mixed cultures which give me an open mind I hope to use to improve the world. 

Along with my Hispanic roots, I also have Native American, German-Jewish and Scottish heritage from my dad's side of the family.  My family and I have also lived in England, Japan, Germany and the United States.  Growing up with so many different perspectives on life, I feel like my home is a mini-melting pot.  It has given me an open mind to all people. 

I want to make a difference in life by using the good parts of all my cultures and improve the lives of the people and community around me.


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