MSgt Michael Brimhall

Spotlight on You: MSgt Michael Brimhall

Wolf Pack Hero: MSgt Michael Brimhall

by: Kunsan Air Base | .
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published: February 14, 2018

"I joined for the free boots"

This is what Kunsan's Professional Enhancement Center Career Advisor, MSgt Michael Brimhall said in jest as he relayed some of the Airmen stories he has had the privilege to hear to over the years as an advisor. What he loves is the stories, everyone has a story. The 30-something hairdresser who wanted more and is now an Air Force nurse, the 18-year-old who couldn't afford college and now has a masters (That's him by the way). From how and why they joined to where they are going, these stories are as varied and unique as the members in our Air Force.

It's also what he finds most valuable and motivating--the stories, the people, helping mentor Airmen and guide them along thier career paths. As you can imagine with a remote tour to Kunsan, Airmen have a lot to think about and many questions to answer. He tries his best to answer those questions every day.

Michael describes the Career Advisor as being analogous to a "supervisor on steroids" and oddly enough, he is out to work himself out of a job. His goal is to bring as many Airmen and supervisors to his courses and discussions as possible so that career assistance and advisement can happen at all levels. In his eyes, if we are all that kind of supervisor, his job would be unnecessary because we would all know our path and purpose and capable of helping each other get there, too.

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