Senior Airman Anthony Hu

Spotlight on You: Senior Airman Anthony Hu

Voices of The Wolf Pack: Senior Airman Anthony Hu

by: Kunsan Air Base | .
U.S. Air Force | .
published: January 18, 2018

"My K-9, Bonus, loves that the snow is coming down. But for me, I grew up in a place where we didn't have snow.

So while he's running around enjoying himself, I'm trying to learn new terms like 'pump the breaks' and 'black ice'.

When it comes to working together as a team in this weather, I'm leaning on him to be the enthusiastic one because the snow adds in a new element of difficulty, but it’s a nice change of pace from the regular day-to-day tactics and training." – Senior Airman Anthony Hu, 8th Security Forces Squadron military working dog handler.

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