SFC Jesse Thorton and SSG Julian Gerena

Spotlight on You: SFC Jesse Thorton and SSG Julian Gerena

Coach, boxer team up on being the "Top Lion"

by: SFC Jesse Thorton | .
23rd Chemical Battalion | .
published: August 12, 2015

The Army Boxing Program provides Army Soldiers both male and female the right to fight their way to Top Rankings.  Soldiers also have an opportunity to represent their units and make the U.S. Olympics.

The "challenge" is finding time to train and gaining the units confidence to allow the Soldier to compete for a position on the team.  The boxing program is made up of a series of hard fights to move forward and remain in training camp.  One loss and this could mean, you are going home!

Making the All Army Boxing Team will be a dream come true for some.  Going home early, due to a loss can mean this opportunity is now a living nightmare.  You work hard, you train hard, and your talents just might get you to the next round.

I have been a mentor of Soldiers for over 5 years in combat sports.  "You only live once, use your gift and hard work to make the team," said SFC Thorton SSG Gerena has been training very hard after duty hours and his raw pin-point striking accuracy should prove enough to earn a top position at 152 pounds on the All Army Boxing Program.

SFC Jesse Thorton Sr. of 23rd Chemical Battalion
2011 All Army Combatives Flyweight Champion
Member of the 3x Fort Hood Combatives Champions
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Pro-Fighter

SSG Julian Gerena of 23rd Chemical Battalion
7 years experience as a Boxer
Combatives Level II Certified
Atended many Boxing smokers

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