Sgt. Chung Hyun Ku

Spotlight on You: Sgt. Chung Hyun Ku

2nd CAB Soldier exceeds standards

by: Cpl. Chung Il Kim | .
published: October 28, 2015

Camp Humphreys, South Korea -- Surrounded by thick, green mountains, a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) tent stood strong. Dozens of 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade Soldiers spent days and nights in this TOC performing their tactical duties during a training exercise.

Sgt. Chung Hyun Ku, an administration section essential personnel service (EPS) team action non-commissioned officer for the 2nd CAB took part in the exercise October 3 on Camp Casey, South Korea.

"We track our Talon warriors in both the real-world and the training exercise," said Sgt. Chung sitting in front of three monitors on his desk.

Chung keeps track of all the 2nd CAB Soldiers who are dispersed throughout the Korean Peninsula. He collects personnel information and reports the status quo to the 2nd Infantry Division and 8th Army. Lastly, he requests for replacement forces with the same set of skills to facilitate the fully functional unit as soon as possible.

"For the exercise, we receive reports about our Soldiers' conditions from the operations section," said Chung. "We further gather detailed information if someone is killed in action (KIA) or wounded in action (WIA), and then make casualty reports to inform division."

The key to succeed in the EPS shop is to get ready to fight tonight, Chung said.

"You do not know when an accident may happen, so you always have to be ready for rapid reaction," Chung said.

Chung's professionalism and discipline is well-recognized by his superiors. Staff Sgt. Nelly Rubio, the administration NCOIC, said she thinks highly of Sgt. Chung.

"He submits casualty reports to division, and checks personnel to ensure accurate information," said Rubio. "I have worked with Sgt. Chung for about a year, and he is the best KATUSA to rely on."

Sgt. Chung has been in the Army for the past 20 months, and he will be done with his military service in November of this year.

"His absence will have a big impact on our shop," said Rubio. "His replacement KATUSA has big shoes to fill."

"Being a part of the Talon brigade was a huge blessing," said Chung. "I learned how to be disciplined and always be ready to fight tonight."

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