Sgt. Mark Brejcha

Spotlight on You: Sgt. Mark Brejcha

Former infantryman a jack of all trades

by: Stripes Korea | .
Stripes Korea | .
published: May 18, 2016

Name: Sgt. Mark Brejcha
Station: AFN Daegu
Time here: Since Feb. 2015
Job: I am the operations manager, so I track and QC all the products leaving AFN Daegu. I also conduct training on all the broadcast mediums that we use. When the station manager leaves, I take charge of the station. On a day-to-day basis, I also serve as a journalist. I produce video news stories, social media content, as well as host radio shows as a DJ for the afternoon show.

Q: What do you enjoy about your job and why?
A: The main thing I enjoy about my job is that it allows you to be creative. There are many ways to do things when it comes to media products (radio, photos, video, social media). There is no definite correct answers, although there are some wrong ways for sure.

Q: What’s the importance of AFN?
A: AFN allows better communication within the community as a whole. It brings one centralized way to distribute information to a large amount of people. It offers different ways of doing that, from radio commercials to web-only TV commercials.
Prior to coming here, I knew what AFN did on TV from my experiences while deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan as an artilleryman. I wasn’t sure how they did it, what requirements they had to produce anything, or where they were even located.

Q: What tip do you have for the military community in terms of getting off base and exploring this beautiful country?
A: First of all, Korea and any military post are only going to be as good as you make the experience. When you limit yourself and aren’t willing to experience something different from your comfort zone, you are bound to have a bad time. There are a lot of differences in Korea from the U.S. culture, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.

Q: What are you most proud of during your career?
A:  I am most proud of my deployments. I was a 13T, but operated as an infantryman while in Iraq (07-08) and Afghanistan (09-10). I didn’t think anything big of the deployments at the time, but as I’ve reclassed and spent some time outside of artillery, I’ve found a bit of nostalgia in those deployments.
Q: So what should AFN listeners tune in to in upcoming weeks?
A: They should just check out our Facebook page, AFN Daegu (The Official Page). We put a lot of effort on social media to make it a page that people can use for entertainment, news and information. Currently, I am working on the next installment of my web show (it hasn’t been on for a while) called the Daegu Dash. It’s something I’ve created from my imagination and cultivated with teamwork from others at the station. I’m crossing my fingers that it turns out good!

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