Sgt. Tiarasha Boykin

Spotlight on You: Sgt. Tiarasha Boykin

304th ESB Soldiers bring the spirit of Christmas to local orhpans and hospital patients

by: Soo Yeon Hwang and Sung Eun Kim, USAG Humphreys Public Affairs | .
published: December 22, 2016

Sgt. Tiarasha Boykin, 304th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, (kneeling center) was one of eight Soldiers who sang Christmas carols at the House of Jacob Orphanage, Good Morning Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital on Dec. 16. Following their performance at the orphanage Boykin and the Soldiers spent some time getting to know the children.

(Photo Credit: Sung Eun Kim, USAG Humpheys Public Affairs)

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