Spc. Jasmine R. Rathburn

Spotlight on You: Spc. Jasmine R. Rathburn

MND hosts Korean cultural tour

by: Staff Sgt. Monik Phan | .
U.S. Army | .
published: September 18, 2018

Spc. Jasmine R. Rathburn, an air defense battle management system operator with the 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, looks at letters written by the wife of Kim Jong Gik, a Korean scholar, at this record house in Gaesil Village, South Korea, July 10, 2018. Kim was a scholar, poet, author and politician during the Choson Dynasty. Service members experienced Korean history, culture and cuisine as part of a cultural tour hosted by the Republic of Korea Ministry of National Defense. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Monik Phan) (Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. Monik Phan)

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