SPC Metanoia Moliga

Spotlight on You: SPC Metanoia Moliga

Camp Humphreys USO Volunteer of the Month

by: Capt. Etienne P. Jeanjacques IV, 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion | .
published: November 29, 2016

Who: SPC Metanoia Moliga

What: Selected as Camp Humphreys USO Volunteer of the Month

Why: SPC Moliga has volunteered with the USO for over a year, since she has been stationed at Camp Humphreys. There are over 100 personnel that volunteer at this USO, and SPC Moliga’s hard work, dedication allowed her to stand out and receive this honor.

SPC Moliga volunteers during her lunch break every other Wednesday to serve food to visitors at the USO. This allows visitors the opportunity to bond, watch TV and enjoy a free meal courtesy of the USO.

SPC Moliga also volunteers her weekends to the USO ensuring visitors have a place to lounge while waiting on buses. During the weekend, SPC Moliga provides snacks, drinks, skype telephone, internet services, Xbox and other services to visitors passing by Camp Humphreys USO. The USO offers all these services free of charge.

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