Yolanda M. Hines

Spotlight on You: Yolanda M. Hines

Lt. Col. (P) Yolanda M. Hines promoted to the rank of Col.

by: 2nd Infantry Division | .
U.S. Army | .
published: July 07, 2018

CAMP RED CLOUD, Republic of Korea - Lt. Col. (P) Yolanda M. Hines, Brooklyn native and Assistant Chief of Staff 2ID/RUCD, was promoted to the rank of Col. in a ceremony at the Warrior Chapel.

Yolanda Hines was joined by her husband of over 21 years, Col. John G. Hines Jr. and their younger of two sons, Joseph as family stateside watched the momentous occasion via livestream.

The 'Oath of Office' was conducted by the ceremony host, Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, commander, United Nations Command/Combined Forces Command/ United States Forces Korea.

Congratulations Ma'am!

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