Must-visit UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites in Korea

Civilization in Korea dates back to B.C.2333 when the first kingdom called “Dangun Joseon” was founded in this small peninsula of...

Five travel tips to make flying with small children a breeze!

It sounded like a good idea at the time… “Yeah honey, lets go home for the wedding and that way we can be there for our friends...

Taejongsa Temple Hydrangeas Festival June 30-July 8


Taejongsa Temple, home to Korea’s largest hydrangea habitat, hosts its annual hydrangea festival, from June 30 to July 8.


Lotte Magic Forest: Busan's newest theme park planned to open in 2021


Final plans for the new theme park to be built in Gijang have been released.

The new theme park in the East Busan Tourism...

Traditional Markets in Seoul


Traditional markets in Korea are hidden treasures, often located in residential neighborhoods, or just around the corner from grand...

Photo by Kevin Dao

Trekking through Cambodia's jungles was paradise


I found paradise as I was riding on my own elephant in the south eastern jungles of Mondulkiri Province of Cambodia.


Hey, houseguests! Stop driving your host nuts!


Staying with friends or family is one of the most popular ways to save on travel. But while your hosts are more than likely happy...

Gyeongnam Beaches are set to begin their summer operations


Beaches in Gyeongnam province are set to begin their summer operations from next week.

Some of the local beaches will open...

Kkotji Beach

Coastal sunsets and Sandy Beaches in Taean-gun


Summer vacations and weekends away conjure up for most images of beaches and ocean waves lapping on shores and boats. In Korea,...


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