Photos by Rob Zuckerman

My Paradise: Being a ‘gardener’ in Thailand

I have family in Thailand. Not blood relatives, but close enough. I first met my Thai brother when he was studying in the U.S....

Enjoy the party at Milak Waterfront Park


One of the city’s more popular parks, enjoy great views and a bustling crowd of old and young.

From Gwangan metro station,...

Photos by Wendy Palomo

Icheon and Yeoju: Pottery Capital of South Korea

I always look forward to the pottery classes at the National Museum of Korea, particularly their Blue and White Porcelain and...
Image: Jagalchi Cruise

Jagalchi Cruise starts new sightseeing ferry experience in Busan


Jagalchi Cruise has started a ferry service that departs from Jagalchi Market and sails along the coast of the city to offer a...

Caught in the Claws of Yeongdeok Snow Crab Festival


We almost hadn’t made it.

“Hurry up! That’s our shuttle!” I had yelled to my advisor, Binx, as he emerged from the train...

Panoramic views of Chuncheon (Credit: Chuncheon-si)

Enjoy Autumn in Chuncheon


Chuncheon, well-known as a lakeside city, is a romantic travel spot. The city is just a short one-hour ride on the ITX-Cheongchun...

Fun to be had at Bupyeong Kkangtong Night Market

Bupyeong Kkangtong Night Market has been growing into a landmark tourism site four years after opening, captivating foreign...

10 Reasons to Love Busan


Busan may not be everyone’s first choice as an Asian travel destination, but there’s a lot of fun things to do in South Korea’s...

The West Gate and its precipitous approach.

Exploring the Great Wall of ... Korea


Co-workers used to ask me, what is there to do while stationed in Korea?  I remember laughing in reply.  For some time I have been...


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