Traditional markets in Korea and the joy of shopping


In the U.S. we have farmer’s markets, market days or cooperative markets. If you’re a Suzanne Collins’ fan, the Hob in The Hunger...

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AAAAHHHHHHHH: Let's go beyond the normal spa experience in Korea


Korea’s quirky spa culture remains as pristine and accessible as ever. If you haven’t disrobed and paraded around a Korean sauna,...

I invest in travel, not things. Here's why


If my mom’s English was good enough and she read this post, she would probably not talk to me for a long time. My mother-in-law...

See the light at Yongsan Electronics Market in Korea


You don’t have to be a gadget guro, techy, or electronics lover to want to check out the Yongsan Electronics Market. This massive...

A perfect place to unwind in Seoul

Living in Seoul rarely makes you bored with fancy shopping malls, never ending food adventures, and entertaining shows &...

Surfing the new Korean wave


BUSAN – It has become almost clichéd to say that hard work is ingrained in contemporary Korean culture. Though unseated last year...

Discovering the charm of Korea's Bugok


This famous town is well worthwhile...

Discover Korea’s grandest landscape in Namhae

Officially called Namhaedo Island, Namhae in Gyeongsangnam-do is the fifth largest island in Korea. The sea around Namhae is...

Traditional Markets in Seoul


Traditional markets in Korea are hidden treasures, often located in residential neighborhoods, or just around the corner from grand...


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