Photos courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization

Check out Seoul's flea & free markets!


Among some of Seoul’s major tourist sites are unique flea markets selling all kinds of secondhand goods and antiques. Some markets...

The West Gate and its precipitous approach.

Exploring the Great Wall of ... Korea


Co-workers used to ask me, what is there to do while stationed in Korea?  I remember laughing in reply.  For some time I have been...

The Park of Geojedo P.O.W. Camp

The Park of Geojedo, P.O.W Camp was built to hold prisoners during the Korean War. Out of a total of 170,000 prisoners of war, 20...

Groove Korea’s guide to upcoming spring, summer fests

Spring has come to Korea and with summer soon to follow, it is officially festival season in the country. No matter what you’re...

HBC May Music Festival 2018 to be held May 25 to 27


Music has always been a matter of energy to me, a question of fuel. Sentimental people call it inspiration, but what they really...

Photos by Wendy Palomo

Icheon and Yeoju: Pottery Capital of South Korea

I always look forward to the pottery classes at the National Museum of Korea, particularly their Blue and White Porcelain and...

International Destinations: There are so many things to do in Coron

When I first stepped out into Busuanga’s airport in Coron, Palawan, I immediately felt like I was in the movie The Beach and...

Visit Jeonju City, Korea


Up close and personal with the historic Joseon Dynasty

Jeonju is the home of the Joseon Dynasty’s founder...

Goseong’s Lavender Festival June 1-21


The fields around Eocheon-ri in Goseong-gun, Gangwondo becomes awash in purple at the Goseong Lavender Festival running through...


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