Enjoy a ‘Cool’ Summer at the ASEAN Culture House

While Busan is considered a local summer getaway, people increasingly wish to enjoy a cultural experience at a cool place rather...

Eurwangni Beach: Don’t break the bank for the beach


Try cheap travels in Eurwangni, a day trip from Seoul

Let’s get one ugly fact out of the way first. Despite the...

Myeongdong: Skincare mecca in Korea


I’m totally obsessed with skincare. The right regimen and the right products can truly work wonders. It can change the texture of...

The Sites, Sounds and Tastes of Wonderful Hong Kong


For the first time visitor, Hong Kong can seem overwhelming at first. Yet, the tightly-packed sidewalks teeming with people, the...

National Hangeul Museum Exterior (Credit: National Hangeul Museum)

Enjoy Seoul as you please at Ichon-dong!


Since the relocation of The National Museum of Korea to the area in 2000, Ichon-dong has emerged as a popular attraction for family...

Photo: The past (Cheomseongdae Observatory) meets the present (Cheomseongdae chocolate)

From the past to present, travel in time at Gyeongju!


Recently in Korea, dramas based on “time travel” are gaining popularity. Drama “Signal (2016)” uses a two-way radio to connect the...

Seoul's Filipino Market


One of my favorite trips I’ve taken in Asia would have to be the Philippines. Whenever I am struck with memories of the trip I can’...

Story and photo by Elaine Coetzee

Korea's Bijindo Island a perfect weekend getaway


Bijin-do, a.k.a. Bijin Island, just off the coast of Tongyeong, is really worth considering for a weekend getaway or even just a...

Photo: Everland's top rollercoaster, T-Express (Credit: Everland Resort)

Time to lose yourself in the dream-like world of Korea's Everland!


Everland is Korea's representative theme park, offering up attractions galore along with a variety of animals, a mix of an...


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