Army wins 18th Army-Navy game at Yongsan Garrison

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Army wins 18th Army-Navy game at Yongsan Garrison

by: Marcus Fichtl | .
Stars and Stripes | .
published: December 02, 2017

SEOUL, South Korea – The Army cruised to a 32-0 victory over rivals Navy earning themselves flag football bragging rights on the Korean peninsula, Saturday.

Played on Seoul American High School’s Sims Field at the Army's Yongsan Garrison, Saturday's win marks the 18th win out of 21 tries for the Army.

“We executed, ” the Army's star running back Spc. Brian Dumas told Stars and Stripes after the game. His 60-yard catch at the beginning of second half cemented the team's win.

The 24-year-old from Savannah, Ga., said a series of runs and short plays had baited the Navy defense in, exposing them to the deep threat.
“We knew we had me over the top,” he said. “I gave a look to the quarterback, the ball went up – touchdown.”

The following drive, the Army's defense then came up big, intercepting the ball at the Navy's 10-yard-line finally sinking any chances the Navy had, though it was never in doubt.

The game in South Korea, which began as a pick up game between the services in 1997, mimics the game played between Annapolis and West Point, but is more lovefest than heated rivalry. Local high school cheerleaders cheer both teams on -though they wear Army colors, the stands are filled with spouses and friends, and the players give more hugs than heated words.

It's a short break from North Korean missile tests and the war of words between Pyongyang and Washington that has put the Peninsula on edge this year.

“The rivalry is there when we're playing each other, but if we play anyone else then it's all one team,” said Marine Forces Commander James Lukeman “It's an opportunity for us to have some fun.”

However, this may be the last game played at garrison in Seoul as the U.S. military begins to fulfill its agreement with South Korea to move the bulk of its troops to the massive Camp Humphreys, 40 miles to the south.

“We're going to program for 2018,” said Timothy Higgs Sr., Yongsan community recreation chief, “The truth is I don't think we will have a problem fielding an Army team but I think there may be some difficulty fielding a Navy team next year.”

He added regardless what will happen next year, Higgs a retired soldier was happy about Saturday's outcome.
“The Army once again sunk the Navy's Battleship,” said Higgs.
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