19th ESC and ROK Army Ready to Receive, Stage, Move and Integrate

19th ESC and ROK Army Ready to Receive, Stage, Move and Integrate

by Capt. James Sheehan
U.S. Army

DAEGU, SOUTH KOREA—U.S. forces from the 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command and Republic of Korea forces from 2nd Operational Command successfully executed a reception, staging and onward movement exercise from Busan to Pyeongtaek, Feb 18-19.

The exercise showcased 19th ESC’s readiness and interoperability as the lead logistics unit for U.S. forces on the Korean peninsula.  19th ESC and 2OC employed air, sea, and land assets to safely transport more than 50 containers and 45 vehicles using road and railroad assets.  

The RSO exercise strengthened 19th ESCs ability to facilitate rapid deployment of U.S. forces to the Republic of Korea, explained support operations officer for 498th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, Maj. Graham Davidson.

“This was a collective effort from Team 19 and demonstrates the magnitude of what can be accomplished when we work together,” said Davidson.

More than 1,000 personnel from 30 organizations contributed to the success of the RSO exercise.  ROK organizations included five divisions and seven offices from 2OC, ROK aviation assets, Third ROK Army, ROK Transportation Command, and 2OC Port support.  U.S. organizations included 19th ESC with 94th Military Police Battalion, Materiel Support Command-Korea, 2nd Sustainment Brigade, 837th Transportation Battalion and 2502 Support Detachment.  Strategic partners included Army Materiel Command, Korean National Police, Korail, and the Korean Expressway Corporation.

“I have gained a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for the hard work and professionalism of the ROK Army during this exercise,” said Davidson.  

Concurrently, 19th ESC and 2OC leadership conducted a Table Top Exercise detailing the RSO plan.  19th ESC staff briefed Commanding General John P. Sullivan and two Major Generals from 2OC the locations and movements critical to the RSO’s success.

“The TTX was paramount to the success of the RSO exercise,” said Capt. Timothy Lohse, plans and operations officer for the 19th ESC.  “It provided a common operating sight picture for commander’s to ask questions and make decisions.”

Eight Army’s Commanding General, Thomas S. Vandal, highlighted the significance of the exercise by visiting key locations including the TTX.

“I have great respect and admiration for logisticians.  If not for you, the warfighter would not be able to accomplish the mission,” said Vandal.  

19th ESC and 2OC will use the RSO accomplishments and lessons learned to continue strengthening the U.S./ROK alliance for future exercises.

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