2ID hosts the National Hispanic Heritage Month Observance

by USAG Daegu
U.S. Army

2nd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade hosted the National Hispanic Heritage Month Observance in the Camp Carroll CAC Conference Room, Waegwan, Oct. 12. Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Alan J. Cline attended this observance. During the event, E Co 1st Sgt. Sergio R. Bou of the 2-1 ADA (Air Defense Artillery) in Camp Carroll gave a speech about Hispanic American heritage. His speech discussed the history of Hispanics in United States Army since the American Civil War. Through World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam war, the role and importance of Hispanic soldiers grew stronger and stronger.

1st Sgt. Bou also said, "Today we honor the cultural differences that strengthen our Army. We celebrate the common goals and love for the United States of America that bind as together as the world’s best manned and best equipped Army.” This Heritage Month Observance was held to value the distinctive talents, backgrounds, and experiences that each Hispanic Soldier brings to the United States Army.

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