51st Fighter Wing hosts Facebook Town Hall to answer Osan questions

by 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Osan Air Base

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- U.S. Air Force Col. Andrew Hansen, 51st Fighter Wing commander, and members of wing leadership answered questions to topics about United States Forces Korea policy, wing events and quality of life during the Facebook town hall Sept. 27, 2016.

Question #1: Where can we find the official guidance on the “no more than 30 days off the peninsula policy?”

Answer: It can be found in USFK regulation 600-8-10. It is tied to the necessity to maintain persistent readiness on the peninsula.

Question #2: When can Airmen in Dorm 712 get new washers and dryers? Currently half of the washers and dryers have been out of order for over 5 months.

Answer: It is never the intent to leave appliances for our Airmen unserviceable. We will look into it and ensure the current appliances are repaired or replaced as required.

Question #3: Is there any chance you can put a time limit on the parking spots in the BX? People park there for work and never leave.

Answer: Great idea! We can absolutely look into solutions to putting up signs and enforcing this idea.

Question #4: Will the 1:00 a.m. curfew ever be lifted?

Answer: The 1:00 a.m. curfew is a USFK and 7th AF policy that is not likely to be lifted in the near future.

Question #5: Can we have a combat dining in before it gets too cold?

Answer: We are always open to great ideas to build great camaraderie and resiliency across Osan. Please go through your unit leadership to coordinate specifics on implementing your idea.

Question #6: The Interactive Customer Evaluation comment system at Osan AB seems to be underutilized, however, requests for information or comments submitted through the ICE comment system have not been responsive.

Answer: Thank you for highlighting this! ICE is a very effective means to gather feedback for services across base. Our FSS was actually rated #1 in the Air Force for FY15 for customer satisfaction and number of responses to submissions. We recommend those filling out our ICE forms provide good contact information to receive feedback.

Question #7: Is the construction happening across from the Main Gate going to have an effect on that gate's daily operations?

Answer: Unfortunately, because this is off-base construction, we have minimal insight into those effects. There are no anticipated or scheduled closures/changes, but should it effect the gate's daily operations, we will be sure to keep you updated!

Question #8: Why is the utility reconciliation for AF civilians mandatory while active duty Airmen and other federal civilians across USFK bases are paid at a flat rate?

Answer: Living Quarters Allowance reconciliation at Osan is driven by PACAF policy.

Question #9: When will the diesel pump be fixed?

Answer: We have been actively working to fix the diesel pump, and hope to find the fix for it soon.

Question #10: Is it possible to set an age-restriction on those who walk pets in the tower to ensure pets are cleaned up after?

Answer: There are current age-restrictions in place on what age children can be left unsupervised. The FSS website www.51fss.com has the age-matrix for your reference under the Youth Center page. The lease everyone signs to live in the tower specifies the necessity to clean up after your pets, and we will work with tower supervision to reemphasize this policy. Any help from residents to enforce this policy would be appreciated.

To answer additional questions, access the 51st FW’s official Facebook page and post an inquiry.

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