64 emergency calls made for transportation to Korea's college scholastic ability test

by BeFM News
Stripes Korea

A total of 64 calls made for emergency transportation have been made to 112 this morning as students made their way to test venues for the nationwide college scholastic ability test.

64 reports included calls from test-takers with mobility difficulties, and requesting help to find their misplaced test registration papers.

The Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education said that 2,563 test takers did not show up for the English exam out of 33,731 registered test-takers.

The rate is 0.26% higher than last year’s 7.34%, making it the highest rate of no-shows in the past 5 years for English exam portion of CSAT.

The first exam category of this year’s CSAT exam, the Korean language section, came to be 6.48% for Busan and 6.69% for the second category of math exams.

A total of 33,973 have registered to take the CSAT in Busan.

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