ACS, USAG Daegu hosts job fair

by Ryu Su-yeon
USAG Daegu Public Affairs
USAG DAEGU – Army Community Service (ACS) hosted its annual job fair with more than 170 applicants and 30 vendors at the Evergreen Club, Camp Walker. The job fair was free to the public. Several people and companies participated in this event. This event was open to all military spouses, military members, employers and service organizations. The companies included Navy Federal, Community Bank, ACS, Child and Youth Services, Child Development Center, the elementary and high schools, Central Texas College and outside companies like the Novotel and Grand Hotel.
Employment Readiness Program Manager Philip Chang of ACS expressed gratitude for all of the guests and representatives who attended and participated in the job fair.
Chang said that USAG Daegu was not as large as Humphreys or Yongsan. So there could be no openings at the moment. But a job could open tomorrow, next week or even one month later. “I think the main purpose of a job fair is networking,” he said. “Normally, during a job fair, department heads or general managers would come to recruit. So the job fair means a lot to applicants because they can meet the representative of each department and hear about the services or products that the company provide. Also, applicants can take the opportunity to collect business cards from representatives,” he explained.
Job-seekers brought multiple copies of their resumes and were interviewed. Interviewers represented an array of fields. Representatives were present to answer job seekers’ questions.
One participants said, “I want to find my job through this job fair. This job fair has several openings like banks and schools … and I’m interested in these areas. I applied for two jobs. One is at the Novotel, and the other is at the bank. We can have a face-to-face meeting. They can see you versus the computer waiting for someone to get back to you. The job fair gives civilians here a chance to work. This job fair was very informative because they have all the brochures and pamphlets to read, in addition to the website to go online to apply for work.”
A job fair is a place for information sharing and networking. The people who do not know how to find a job and apply for jobs can acquire some information about the process. Also, this job fair was a chance to bring many companies together. The companies themselves share the information as well.
“Soldiers come here because of their job. But their spouses and family often do not have jobs. Some of them stopped working, and the others stopped studying and followed their family. So they may say think about finding a job but do not know how. Also, they may not know what companies are out there outside our community. Thus through the job fair, people can get to know about some of the companies. If applicants make a good impression on an employer, they can receive a positive response from employers when they apply later. Accordingly, a job fair is about tools to find a job. The job fair is necessary at least once every year for our community and job seekers. So we will continue this job fair program,” said Chang.
The job fair is part of the Employment Readiness Program. This program offers job search assistance, individual counseling to explore a career path, and monthly classes on topics such as job search strategies, professional resume preparation, enhancing your interview skills and federal resume preparation. The Employment Readiness Program is not a job placement service but provides resources and tools to enhance job search activities.
Chang said, “ACS always exists for our community and people who need help. Thus, if you need any help, just let us know. Use ACS as your first resource. And we cannot give you an answer right away, but we can provide directions or guidance as needed. ACS has many programs that assist families and homes. So I hope you visit ACS without hesitation like a friend.”

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