Aircrew flight equipment: no masking safety

Aircrew flight equipment: no masking safety

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“Everything we do when it comes to maintaining flight equipment is crucial,” said Senior Airman Elijah Lee, an 18th Operations Support Squadron aircrew flight equipment journeyman assigned to Kadena Air Base, Japan. “If we fail to double-check this equipment it can easily become a domino effect and cause concern for the pilots if it doesn’t deploy properly.”

Each visiting unit brought its own AFE members, but working in the same environment means sharing knowledge from different bases, countries and services. “This is my first time at RED FLAG-Alaska and the pace is definitely higher than home station,” said Staff Sgt. Jonathan McCullough, an 8th OSS AFE journeyman assigned to Kunsan Air Base, Republic of South Korea. “We always strive to keep aircrew alive, but we also take back a lot of useful information to improve our processes back home.”

Shop members maintain pilots’ helmets, masks, G-suits, survival vests and harnesses,
and planning for RED FLAG-Alaska meant thinking ahead to be equipped for anything.
“Pilots have two helmets in case one becomes unserviceable, so they won’t lose
any training time,” explained Lee. “Anything can happen between the time pilots leave
our shop and when they board the aircraft, so we need to be prepared no matter what.”
Despite the fast-paced turnover, AFE Airmen keep a positive attitude about their
job and contribution to the people they serve.

“I enjoy my job because I get to see a whole different side of the mission and contribute
to winning wars,” said Lee. “My favorite part is communicating with the pilots
and hearing their stories. They treat all of us like one of their own and it makes me feel
great knowing they trust me.”


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