Animal protesters shift their focus to Gupo Dog Market

by Busan Haps Satff
Busan Haps Magazine

After the closing of Korea’s largest dog market in Seongnam, animal rights protesters have begun to target their demonstrations to Busan’s Gupo Dog Market.

A group of 30 protesters gathered this past weekend to demonstrate at the Gupo Livestock Market over the past weekend, demanding the closure of the market and willingness to not give up until they see it finally disappear for good.

Gupo Market was established after the Korean War and came to prominence in the late 1970’s and 1980’s with over 70 shops which slaughtered dogs for meat — the nation’s largest.

After intense scrutiny and domestic and international media campaigning, the market now has just 22 stores left, though critics still say that’s 22 too many.

The market currently caters more to Southeast Asian and Chinese tourists as their main customer base.

The Seongnam City government banned the slaughter of dog meat in December at Moran Market and began the process of removing all butchery of dogs facilities and cages this week.

South Korea’s Livestock Product Sanitation Act currently does not currently have dogs considered as livestock, allowing a gray area in sales around the country.

Busan City and Buk-gu districts have been silent about the controversial market thus far.

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